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DUI Alerts ® - nations largest and most comprehensive communication service that sends alert messages to motorist cellphones regarding local DUI checkpoint locations scheduled or being conducted in their area.

Our Goal:  To prevent primitive behavior and deter any impaired drivers from operating a motor vehicle.Studies shown by warning the public in advance about scheduled checkpoints, along with the increased police presences, 
has dramatically reduced the numbers of intoxicated
drivers on the roads.
  • Ever wondered where the Sobriety Checkpoints
         are being conducted tonight in your county?
  • Wish you could be alerted in advance, so you can use a safe driver.
  • Congress will soon ban all DUI Checkpoint Apps, but text notification are legal and the most reliable source.
  • Alerts notifications sent hours in advanced to plan the evening or implicate a designated driver
  • Over 3,500 alerts notifiactions sent already this year.

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Los Angeles Co.

DUI Checkpoint
Schedule for
Los Angeles, CA

Florence Ave. near Broadway
California DUI Checkpoints

Find Local California DUI Checkpoint Locations - DUI Checkpoints sent via text messages directly to your cell phone, warning all subscribers of scheduled DUI checkpoints in the area.
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Recent U.S Checkpoints Locations
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